Even though there are some people who don't think Idaho is a real place or confuse it with other states, we are in fact a real place and we make national news sometimes. Though the national news isn't always for good things, it also isn't always bad things. Sometimes it's just something funny. That happened this week when Jimmy Fallon talked about Idaho in a segment of his national show.

The show segment is called 'Bad Signs' and Fallon jokes about pictures of odd signs that his fans have sent to him. In this video, Idaho comes up as the second sign and the joke surprisingly has nothing to do with potatoes. Instead, it's a gas joke.

credit YouTube Jimmy Fallon
credit YouTube Jimmy Fallon

He shows a picture of a sign at a gas station that has an oddly placed food sticker right above a message about the gas content, so it reads: Fresh Cooked Breakfast Sandwiches Contains 10% Ethanol.

That part from Idaho was pretty funny, but the best of all the signs and subsequent jokes comes at the 3:40 mark where they talk about toilets and billiard balls. This segment had me rolling! Potty humor about toilets, balls, and more - count me in.

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Have you seen any odd or hilarious signs around the Magic Valley?

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