Jake Owen's "Made for You" is the timeless kind of love song that newlyweds dance to. The ballad is reminiscent of memorable vocals from Don Williams, Garth Brooks and more.

An acoustic video released last year stands above the fully produced and sped-up radio version of the song, but one understands how acoustic tracks tend to bounce off the radio like warnings to a teenager. Owen's raw, vulnerable approach to this song is unique for a singer who's often heavy in the mix, bordering on forceful. While he didn't write "Made for You," the 38-year-old's performance is as sincere as you'd hope for in a song that's purposefully left open-ended to allow others to imprint their experiences. We hear his heart beating in time to our own.

Benjy Davis, Joey Hyde and Neil Medley wrote "Made for You," a thoughtful, patient lyric that wastes not a word. One imagines it was a struggle for the trio to structure every part of this metaphor for rhyming and cadence and that it looks easy is professional songwriting defined. The atypical structure (the chorus feels more like a repeated bridge because the title line is the true refrain) further sets the song apart from other love songs you'll hear in 2020, but not so much that we can't immediately follow. It's the right song for the right singer at the right time in his career. 

Did You Know?: Depression led to Jake Owen's music career. See More facts about the star below.

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Jake Owen's "Made for You" Lyrics:

Water towers are made for hearts and names / Friday nights are made for football games / Falling leaves are made for falling in / Front porch steps are made for goodnight kissin’ / And I was made for you / Yeah I was made for you.

Summer jobs are made for spending cash / Second dates are made for going fast / Early curfews are made for sneakin' past / 2AM was made for pissed off dads / And I was made for you / Yeah I was made for you.

Like a ship without a sea / Or a song without a melody / I don't know where I'd be or what I'd do / 'Cause I was made for you.

Smoky bars are made for how 'bout a dance / Open roads are made for holding hands and / Laid back seats are made for young love / Two pink lines are made for growing up / And I was made for you, yeah I was made for you.

Repeat Chorus

Tiny shoes are made for tiny feet / My two arms are made for where you sleep / The sky was made for the moon and stars / You were made to steal my heart / And I was made for you, yeah I was made for you.

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