Drive around Twin Falls in Southern Idaho and if you don’t hit a pocket of pungent air at some point, you probably aren’t actually in Twin Falls.

Residents of the city of Twin Falls know where most of the stinky sections of town are and now you can report the smells.

Twin Falls Portal to Report Bad Odors Around Town

It’s almost funny that the smells have become such an issue that the city has devoted a section of their website to allow people to report pungent odors. Some people probably use the smells in their directions like ‘head down Shoshone Street and when you hit the old grease smell, turn left’.

The city even knows that there are a variety of types of smells, and they have a graphic to help you know which kind of odor you are reporting. FYI - your stinky boyfriend is not on the list.

Credit City of Twin Falls
Credit City of Twin Falls

How to Report Bad Smells in Twin Falls

Once you have identified the type of smell, you can then report it to the city for them to investigate. Other than the type of smell, the city also asks what direction the wind was blowing and how fast plus the intensity of the smell.

There’s also an optional entry option to upload a picture of the smell…that part isn’t required since photographing a smell is pretty hard to do. But if you know or can see the source, then you can send in a picture.

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