Idaho was snubbed by the most recent eclipse which happened in 2023, and the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse on Monday will be no different.

But, just because the solar eclipse won’t pass directly over us doesn’t mean we can’t see it. Like the 2023 Annular Solar Eclipse, which missed us by only a few miles in Southern Idaho, you can experience a partial eclipse if you aren’t in the path of totality. Or, you could make a road trip out of it.

Which City is Closest to Idaho to See the Eclipse

If you stay in Idaho you have a chance to see a partial eclipse. Southeast Idaho could see a 40 to 50 percent eclipse, southwest and central Idaho will see about 35 to 40 percent coverage, and in the east-central and north, it will be about 20 to 30 percent obscured. If you want to see the total solar eclipse you’ll have to travel since the path runs from Texas to Maine.

Depending on how adventurous you want to be, you could drive across the country to see the eclipse in Maine. If you are looking for the closest city, a trip to Texas is your best bet from Idaho.

Credit Great American Eclipse
Credit Great American Eclipse

The trip will take you more than a full day of driving non-stop depending on where you live. But on average if you want to be in or near a big city in Texas and in the path of totality you’ll need to head to Forth Worth or Dallas. If you don’t mind a little more travel, Waco might be the best bet and will take you about 26 hours from the center of Idaho. Forth Worth is 25 hours away and Dallas is also 25 hours and 7 miles further away. Obviously, the times are much shorter if you fly there.

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If you do plan on heading to Texas, or any other place in the path of totality, there are many things you need to know and expect. First of all, you aren’t going to be the only one there. All the popular cities along the path will be packed with other people just like you. So, if you haven’t made plans yet, you should expect it to be difficult and spendy to find a place to stay and to find a space to view the eclipse.

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