I don’t doubt that some Idahoans would take up arms to defend liberty and their traditional values.  It’s ingrained in the state’s culture, but I don’t believe fears of a second American civil war are justified and I don’t believe one would directly involve much of the Mountain West.  Two issues bring me to this conclusion (I reserve the right to change my mind!).

War May be Baked Into the Culture

I read a piece earlier this week from the writer Jim Pinkerton.  He was reviewing a book on the subject of how these internal wars are baked into English-speaking culture.  It reminds me a bit of the Fourth Turning.

There was also a conversation about the effort to keep Donald Trump off ballots in some states.  This is a legal matter but also a political matter.  Any decision could lead to violence from one faction or another.  Just as the results of this year’s presidential election could do the same.  The people behind the scheme in Colorado didn’t think about that element, and they’re driving us toward the cliff.  The same is true with liberal media screaming foul over the choice of flyover country.

But any violence that follows would take place in urban enclaves, like Denver (which is already overrun by hordes of illegal aliens).

Purple states would have brother against brother.  A trump victory means the media will amplify anger in liberal urban regions.  Here, we’ll simply be observers.

How We Would be Overlooked

Why?  Near unanimity in what we believe.  What, do you think Ketchum is going to invade Carey?  I figure liberals in neighboring states would ignore us.  Partly because we feed them.  You don’t need to love the guy who grows your potatoes!  When things blow over in a few months, travel would be renewed, and Americans would return to their usual distractions.  Shopping and football.

Pinkerton says we could have a looser federation, allowing regional and cultural preferences.  You leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone.  That’s one uniting feature of most Americans.  I don’t care what people in California do, and they probably think the same about us.  A brief outburst would clarify the arrangement.

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