I guess we finished our winter penance.  After a week of abject misery, the weather is now going to take another extreme swing.  This time, much warmer than average for January in southern Idaho.  One forecast I looked at suggests we’ll be enjoying several days in a row with high temperatures in the 50s.  This would start on Monday according to the forecast, and it could be quite sunny.

Those of you who are still trying to creep around big mounds of piled-up and plowed snow may find a few small piles left by this time next week.

Twin Falls County Commissioner Jack Johnson told Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX that he worries we could see some flooding.  At the start of the week, he still had piles along the road near his Murtaugh home as high as eight feet.

Still, the flooding that followed the massive snowfall of 2017 wasn’t expected.  Herds of cattle drowned as winter wound down that year.  Horses in eastern Idaho vanished and were never seen again.

Going into this winter, the long-range seasonal forecast was for a milder and drier winter in Idaho.  The US Drought Monitor shows a unique picture.  The panhandle is abnormally dry or worse, but not the high desert.  This is a reversal of most years.

Grant it, things could change quickly and if we don’t see much snow along the path of the Sane River, things could go south for the south and fast.  But for now, we can be hopeful and breathe easier when driving.

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