Transplants have become Idaho's favorite punching bag.

A quick scroll through the comments section in any random Idaho media outlet or digital publication confirms it. What started out as a genuine concern for the preservation of "old Idaho" has transformed into a grassroots anti-transplant movement. And it's dumb.

From the way they're allegedly "buying Idaho out from underneath 'real' Idahoans," to how they drive, how they vote, and their obsession with In-N-Out Burger, transplants can't catch a break from natives and long-time locals.



Can't we all just get along? At the end of the day, Idaho's newest residents aren't harboring an evil agenda to exterminate what enticed them to move here. They're here because they wanted better for themselves and their children. Where's the crime in that?

ICYMI: even natives & long-time locals can't agree on how to say certain words

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do for a living. Anyone who's new to a town is bound to falter a few times on their way to mastering the local lingo.


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And let's not fool ourselves, folks. Even sixth-generation-natives and long-time locals still quarrel amongst themselves when it comes to the right way to pronounce a number of Idaho words and names.

Until we can all agree that Kuna is pronounced "CUE-NUH" and not "COO-NUH," we say everyone gets a pass.

Scroll for 10 words Idaho transplants mispronounce the most.

10 Idaho Words & Names Transplants Mispronounce the Most

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