There is something freeing in admitting when something bothers you. Holding anger inside can lead to ulcers, heart conditions, and even death. What is it that makes people unable to express their anger in a healthy way? Why don’t we talk about what bothers us?

Plenty of big things can make a person angry. Murder, lying, theft, and cheating are big issues. But, the little things tend to be the issues that fester, like a piece of sand in an oyster’s mouth. There’s just no pearl at the end of this scenario.

What is Idaho’s Biggest Pet Peeve?

What is it that won’t cause an aneurysm, but you can’t get past either? After a careful gathering of Google searches, results have been tabulated.

Credit Zippia
Credit Zippia

It would appear that Idaho has the most people unable to cope with slow internet. Obviously, this survey didn’t happen in the summer during chip seal season. That answer might have been different. In fact, Idaho is not alone in its troubled relationship with the internet. Most Western states share this particular pet peeve.

What happened to Nevada? Is it that what happens in Nevada should stay behind closed doors? I don’t think that’s the way that saying goes. It seems foreign to us in Idaho, but that could be because we didn’t see anything as we are staring at our screens waiting for the show we are trying to watch to finish buffering.

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There is a level of annoyance that everyone has to learn to deal with. Let things go to lighten your own load. You’ll be better for it, and possibly live longer.

Think of it this way. If Idaho had faster internet, it would probably mean there were more people here, with more traffic and cell towers. At least it's not dial-up. Our children will never know the suffering of dial-up.

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