Easter is approaching fast. This year might have like a "half look" compared to 2020. This will be better than last year, but we're not quite at full capacity yet. This season is still going to be great will all the Easter Egg Hunts.

You can't exactly have Easter without your favorite treat. I'm not convinced we all love the same Easter treats because everyone grows up with different culture. There is one treat however that I just don't understand and it happens to be Idaho's favorite, Peeps.

What is it about this treat that is so beloved? Zippia.com did their own research including searches for all the Easter treats on Google. Idahoans love those little Peeps. We can't stop thinking about it so much that the brand even launched crazy new flavors.

  • Root Beer Peeps
  • Cotton Candy Peeps
  • Sour Watermelon Peeps
  • Chocolate Pudding Peeps
  • Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Peeps
  • Fruit Punch Peeps
  • Party Cake Peeps

I have yet to see any of those in our grocery bags, but I'm guessing it's coming next. Let's see if Idaho is alone on the favorite flavored marshmallow chicks.

  1. Boiled eggs are the favorites for 14 states and make sense considering we color so many.
  2. 8 states love their Peeps and Zippia goes out of their way to say, "Not to shame IDAHO but they love Peeps more than the other states." I'm guessing we're repeat lovers of those little chicks.
  3. This is all followed by Cadbury Creme Eggs in which I'm lost. I still get confused with the commercials and struggle with cracking one open. What's in that creme?
  4. Peanut Butter Eggs were the least loved treat and that is just wrong. How can you diss the Reece's Peanut Butter Egg?

Maybe we're just trendsetting Idahoans because even Pepsi is on the Peepswagon.

You can find out the complete list of states and the favorite Easter treats below.


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