Last week you may, or may not, have noticed I was gone. It turns out that businesses give employees these things called "vacations." I had no idea... so I took one. Here what I did.

  • Found Kittens In a Curtain/Hammock


    I swear, it was like a leprechaun sighting. Kitten appeared out of nowhere.

  • Cut Off All Of My Hair


    Yep. Chopped it all off. My mom did it for me on a whim, and I love it.

  • Donated My Ponytail To Locks Of Love

    Locks of Love

    That makes TWO, baby (well over twenty inches of hair combined)!

  • Taught A Cat To Drive


    She did okay. Hard time reaching the pedals, and was a bit inattentive.

  • Fished at Bell Rapids, Hagerman


    Caught a fish! Yes... it's there. Shut up.

  • Got Chased By A Dinosaur in Buhl


    This may or may not have happened. I can neither confirm, nor deny events that you did not witness.

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