My television habits have changed drastically since becoming a parent. For one, I don't get to watch it as much. There's no way I could possibly consume the amount of television I used to while raising two children. I'm too busy. Not only that, when I do watch TV it is catered to my boys. Nick Jr. and Disney on heavy rotation. And while there are children's shows I appreciate even if my kids weren't watching (Phineas and Ferb is an underrated gem), I miss watching what my older son calls "bad guy shows." The shows kids have no business watching.

When the kids go to bed I have a 2 hour window before I hit the sheets to get in some shows. That's not a lot of time, so I have to be picky about my choices. Lately I've been gravitating toward 30 minute-ish long shows. It's more satisfying to finish 4 episodes than 2. If decide to go over on time by watching just one more, I'll only be tacking on a half hour vs an hour which makes a big difference when your mornings start super early.

Fleabag on Amazon Prime is a perfect blend of comedy and drama and will have you emotionally invested in the life of its less than wholesome titular character. This roller coaster of a show is easily bingeable and only 2 seasons long. Though you'll wish there were more once you finish the series, going back and re watching from the beginning is somehow just as satisfying.

Selling Sunset on Netflix is another easy binge and satisfies the trashy reality TV appetite. Centering around the high end real estate careers of a successful group of women, drama unfolds as they clash in their professional and personal lives while looking stunningly fabulous. It's a fun watch before bed.

This weekend I'll be starting Hoops, also on Netflix. Though it's an animated series, this one is not at all for the kids. New Girl's Jake Johnson voices a high school basketball coach hoping to turn the failing team around by any means necessary. It's raunchy and filthy and hilarious based solely on small clips I've seen. I'm excited to get the full experience.

What are you watching when the rugrats finally go to sleep? Should I give hour long dramas another try? I'm such a television and film junkie, I'm always looking for a new show or movie.


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