We all have that one friend who is an alcohol aficionado. Not an alcoholic just someone who likes to try new alcohols. No matter what type of alcohol they like to consume there is some fun stuff for all of them.

I have friends who only drink beers and love craft beers. I have friends who drink an assortment of wines and I personally prefer spirits. Fortunately, there are accessories for all of them, some that are completely practical and others you have never thought about.

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  • 1

    Wine Bottle Opener

  • 2

    Vacuum Wine Stoppers

    If your boozy friend or you actually don't finish a bottle of wine, a vacuum wine stopper is perfect. Keeps wine preserved and you won't spill it.

  • 3

    Wine Tote Bag

    You can fit two full bottles of wine in this bag! Perfect for the beach, you don't have to worry about glass breaking and it is insulated.

  • 4

    Viking Beer Mug

    Ok, I would use this for more than just beer, I would drink everything out of this Norse Viking drinking horn mug. Look how epic this thing is! Must need.

  • 5

    Craft Beer Kit

    Everyone thinks they can make their own beer. Why not see if they really can. A craft beer set could be a fun experiment, or it could be a lot of undrinkable beer. Either way it looks fun.

  • 6

    Mixology Set

    Everything a person needs to mix any drink they want. This 5 piece set can help you make sophisticated drinks without having to pay the bar tab.

  • 7

    Mini Whiskey Barrel Dispenser

    This is really cool. You can serve out of it, you can customize and infuse your favorite drink in the barrel and much more. If you know someone who loves whiskey this is a great item.

  • 8

    Whiskey Stone Bullets

    If this doesn't scream Idaho I am not sure what does. Bullet whiskey stones keep your drink cool, doesn't water it down and looks awesome.

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