Everyone is super excited this week as Thanksgiving is just days away, soon we will be gathered around the table talking too loud and eating way too much. Although before lots of us can sit down as a family many of us will travel to get home. If you're flying this week for the holiday please don't make the same mistake that the ladies right behind me made in the TSA line at the airport.

Just like all passengers about to fly out of Boise, Savannah and I jumped into the TSA line. We noticed two very friendly ladies that jumped in line after us. But it's what they packed that was the problem.

They showed up to the TSA line each with a half gallon jug of water. They had tons of liquids and electronics that were packed in their carry on luggage. Long story short, the line got drastically backed up because these ladies had lots of things that were not okay by the TSA staff.

When everyone is in a huge rush this week, please be courteous to your fellow passengers and make sure you're not holding up the TSA line. Safe travels and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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