According to Gawker and a microbiology expert at New York University, your flip-flops are horrible for your health.  As you walk, they pick up bacteria from the ground including staph, strep, E. coli, norovirus, and more.

Wearing Flip-Flops Will Kill You

The summer heat acts like an incubator for germs and bacteria.  So make sure to wash your hands well after you touch your flip-flops or if you touch your feet when they're in flip-flops.

Or just don't wear Flip-Flops.

You're Too Lazy About Your Kids' Online Safety

In a new survey PR Newswire, 62% of parents say the only way they really monitor their kids' online activity is occasionally looking over their shoulders when they're online. 66% of parents believe they should be doing more to monitor their kids, especially on Facebook and other social networking sites.

You Might Not Be Crazy... But You're Probably Sick

According to a psychiatrist from Harvard, there's good news and bad news for 25% of people who think they have mental problems.  The good news:  You don't. The bad news?  You're actually sick with something else.  Everything from an overactive thyroid, a brain injury or epilepsy can make you feel like you're going crazy.  Once you're cured, the mental problems can fade.