I woke up this morning with five mosquito bites on my foot. My foot was itching like crazy and it's been a little distracting today.

Here's a list of helpful tips I compiled to get rid of the itch.

Before you try any of these, remember that the best way to prevent itch is to stop the bite in the first place.  If you're going to be outdoors, make sure you and your kids are using the proper repellant.

  1. Connie - Connie is our business manager.  She recommends calamine lotion.
  2. Bill Colley from KLIX says he heard that if you mix baking soda and water, then put it on the bite, it will itch less.  Then again, Bill comes from a generation where baking soda is the "fix" for EVERYTHING.
  3. Benito Baeza (News Guy)  Benito said mayonnaise?
  4. Nate Bird - Nate from our partner station KOOL 96.5 says to try the "X" method.  I've done this.  It's where you drive your thumbnail into your skin and leave an "X" impression.  I'm not sure if this really fixes the itch or just makes it hurt so you don't think about the itch so much.
  5. Jackie - My co-host recommended Benadryl.  This makes sense.  I did some checking and the Mayo Clinic confirms that a mosquito bite causes the body to release histamine.   Benadryl is an antihistamine so it can help with the itch.

Note:  Nobody on our staff comes even close to being a medical professional.  Consult your physician.

What are some of your best fixes for taking the edge off a mosquito bite itch?  Comment below.