Filer, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV ) The controversy continues in Filer this evening as the first City Council meeting is held since a local police officer shot and killed a man's dog. Rallies have been held both in support of the dog's owner, Rick Clubb and the officer involved in the incident, Tarek Hassani. Tonight, another rally was held, this time outside Council Chambers, by supporters of Rick Clubb. Officer Hassani shot Clubb's dog Hooch a little over a week ago claiming the dog was aggressive. Despite a packed house, inside was business as usual for the City Council. But, that didn't stop the large gathering of people from chanting and voicing their opinions. The Nampa Police Department is investigating the incident, but supporters of Clubb are demanding more. Filer city officials declined to comment, saying they will not have any further statements until the investigation is closed. Video here