A test of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System apparently failed to work on some phones throughout the Magic Valley. Did you receive your alert?

At approximately 12:18p (MT) this afternoon, a planned test by The Federal Emergency Management Agency, in conjunction with the Federal Communications Commission, was received by the majority of cell phones across the country. It was only a test, and was planned in response to Hurricane Florence, which claimed 51 lives, according to Reuters. The storm hit North Carolina the hardest when it reached land about three weeks ago.

Most of us knew about the test several days ago, but some were caught by surprise. Of the five or six people that were in the building here when the test went off, one employee's phone didn't send an alert at all. The employee owns an iPhone, and her carrier is Verizon. My wife's phone (also Verizon) didn't receive an alert either, nor did my boss' phone.

Could this have been a carrier issue? Did your phone send an alert?


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