The Chubbuck Police Department recently concluded a thorough investigation into reports of police impersonation that led to surprising findings. Here's the latest on the situation:

UPDATE: False Report Confirmed - Charges Filed

Following a comprehensive investigation, the Chubbuck Police Department has officially confirmed that the initial report alleging a police impersonator incident was untrue. Instead, 22-year-old Micah Naumu has been charged under Idaho Code 18-5413 for Providing False Information to Law Enforcement Officers. This revelation has left authorities deeply concerned about the potential risks and uncertainty it posed to the community.

A Lesson for the Future

In response to this incident, the Chubbuck Police Department expressed their disappointment in Mr. Naumu's behavior, emphasizing its potential for putting the entire community in danger. They hope this experience will be a valuable life lesson for him moving forward.

Clarification on Second Report

Further investigations revealed that the second report, concerning an alleged attempted traffic stop by a possible police impersonator, actually involved a known sworn Law Enforcement Officer carrying out official police duties. This clarification brings a sense of relief to the community.

Acknowledging the Efforts of Law Enforcement

The Chubbuck Police Department commended their Criminal Investigations Division, Patrol Division, and Support Services Division for their tireless efforts during the extensive investigation. They highlighted the professionalism of their Law Enforcement Officers and Support Staff and expressed gratitude to the community for their unwavering support.

Cooperation with Pocatello Police Department

During the same timeframe, the Pocatello Police Department also received similar complaints related to police impersonation. The Chubbuck Police Department extends their appreciation to their counterparts at the Pocatello Police Department for their diligent work in tracking down leads and investigating tips related to these incidents.

Presumption of Innocence

It is essential to remember that all individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

The Chubbuck Police Department urges residents to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity promptly. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of community cooperation in maintaining public safety.

The following story was written before the investigation based on information provided by the Chubbuck Police Department. 


Urgent Call for Public Assistance

The Chubbuck Police Department has issued a public alert, urging residents to assist in identifying an individual suspected of impersonating a police officer. The department has raised concerns about a man driving a black Ford Explorer, resembling a police vehicle, operating in the Chubbuck area. The vehicle is equipped with alternating red and white lights, and according to the press release, 'has been conducting traffic stops' in the Chubbuck area. A link to the entire public alert is below.

Description of the Alleged Police Impersonator in Chubbuck, Idaho.

The suspect is described in the alert as a light-skinned Black male, noted for his skinny build and buzz cut hairstyle. He stands at approximately 6 feet tall and has been seen wearing a short-sleeved shirt, topped with a police-style vest bearing police markings and a badge. Crucially, the alleged police impersonator is considered armed and dangerous, reportedly carrying a firearm, additional ammo, handcuffs, and a radio akin to those used by law enforcement.

Call to Action for Community Members

Residents are encouraged to remain alert and report any sightings of the suspect or his vehicle by contacting the Chubbuck Police Communications Center at (208) 237-7172. Here's a link to the alert that Chubbuck Police posted on social media. 

Guidance for Motorists

If you are ever concerned about the legitimacy of a police stop, law enforcement officials advise you to use caution. The best course of action is to call 911 to verify the stop's authenticity before pulling over. In the meantime, you could turn on your hazarads and drive to a well-lit, populated area before stopping.

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