While you were taking on endless Bungie Bounties in Destiny, its team was looking for a new loremaster and found one in John Ryan.

Destiny rumors usually pertain to when the next patch will come out and when the sequel will start being developed, but now we have some news no one expected. Former Guild Wars 2 writer John Ryan will be joining the Destiny writing team. Polygon reports that Ryan's official title in Bungie's crew will be "loremaster" and he will be trying to fill in the shoes of Joseph Staten. Staten was the game's previous lead writer who left a year before the game's release. Destiny's nonsensical story, jargon-filled dialogue and ineffective lore system (the Grimoire cards) were all signs that Bungie needed a dedicated writer in charge of the game's narrative. Unfortunately, Bungie is still looking for a new lead writer and narrative designer.

Staten wasn't the only writer that Bungie lost, however. Just before the game was launched last year,  Bungie writer Joshua Rubin left the studio to join Telltale Games. You can still see his work in the game as the Dead Ghosts journal entries that Destiny players can find while exploring the world. Rubin is another huge set of shoes to fill since he not only wrote for the team, but also helped create the game's mythology, plot, mission dialogue and cinematic scripts. While we're still trying to figure out where Ryan will fit in with the team and what he will personally contribute, he definitely has some big shoes to fill and a lot of things to fix.

It will be interesting to see who Bungie takes in for its lead writer and narrative designer positions in the future to help thwart the negative reception the masses have had towards Destiny's story (or lack thereof).