Blake Shelton name-checks Hank Williams Jr. and throws subtle shade at "Old Town Road" while singing the lyrics of his new song "Hell Right," a duet with Trace Adkins.

The back-country, swamp-grooved piece of redneck revelry finds Shelton explaining how to do things "Hell Right," as in "If you gonna raise hell, then you better damn raise hell right."

Adkins gets it and jumps in during the second verse, plus some ad-libbed portions throughout this new radio single. David Garcia, Brett Tyler and Michael Hardy (also known as "Rednecker" singer Hardy) wrote the lyrics for "Hell Right" and got it to Shelton after he thought he was done recording songs for awhile. The success of "God's Country" clearly prompted him to choose the song for his next crack at a No. 1 hit — Hardy helped write that song, too!

How Did Trace Adkins End Up On "Hell Right" Anyways?

Scroll down to see the full lyrics for "Hell Right," a song expected to be released on Shelton's next studio project. It's not clear what that will be, however. The 43-year-old singer and The Voice coach is dedicated to just recording songs as they come to him, thus allowing his record label to do whatever they want in terms of packaging for mass consumption.

Blake Shelton and Trace Adkins' "Hell Right" Lyrics:

Hey / Yeah / Tell 'em that story you were tellin' me.

A couple boys clock out about 5:35 / Trying to put a little hammer in their head / Standing in the liquor store, staring at a fifth / But they picked up a handle instead / Hell right / Hell right? / Hell right / Okay.

Couple girls with their boots on / Got their Bluetooth on / T-shirts sayin Go Sooners / Then the girl from the small town Took off the Old Town / Put on a little Hank Jr. / Thank God / Hell right / She got all her rowdy friends comin' over tonight.

Hell right, hell right / Everybody's throwin' down on a Friday night / Somewhere in America / There's a bottle to burn and a fire to light / And you ain't done nothin' if you did it half way / If you gonna raise hell, then you better damn raise / Hell right, hell right, hell right.

There's a guitar on the ground that was making some sound / 'Til somebody pulled a hillbilly slip / Now there's fog on the window, she never would've kissed him / If he didn't play a lick like this / Hell right, hell right.

Repeat Chorus

Now it's 7 AM / Damn if there ain't an empty handle on a square hay bail / Everybody's passed out drunk / But when they wake up / They're all gonna hurt like hell right / Yeah boy.

Repeat Chorus

Blake Shelton + Trace Adkins: The Original Bromance

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