Washington State just banned one of my favorite things about Idaho. On March 23, Washington’s governor Jay Inslee signed 3 gun safety bills into law. One of those new laws bans the use of high round-capacity magazines in guns.

Washington Gun Safety Laws

Along with the banning of high-capacity gun magazines, Inslee also banned ghost guns and guns in public gatherings. The governor had also recently signed legislation to prohibit realistic active shooter drills in schools.

Many comments under the post on Twitter seemed appreciative and in support of the news. Though one commenter on Twitter expressed their skepticism of the new laws by writing:

I have accepted gun violence as a normal part of life. So has most of Tacoma. Now it'll just be more time we hear between shots fired for reloading when the shootings happen.

Can Idaho Ban High Capacity Gun Magazines

Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash
Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

One might think that since Idaho is a neighbor to Washington, we could easily follow suit and ban high-capacity magazines (meaning the clip holds 10 or more rounds of ammo) and guns in public gatherings, but that person would not be an Idahoan. We threw a fit when we thought masks would be required during the pandemic. We get mad if you drive around with a license plate from another state. We love our guns in Idaho. We don’t even have a conceal carry law or limits on magazine capacity. Imagine what we would do if someone said they were going to ban the size of your gun clip.

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When ammo was easy to find, one of my favorite things was to load up a 30 round banana clip for my .22 rifle and see how fast I could burn through them. I know there are people who love to shoot more than I do, and that’s why I don’t think this would ever fly in Idaho.


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