Greg Jannetta

I have two words to describe the current state of my neighborhood when it comes to fallen leaves. Ay, Caramba!

Call in the national guard, because my neighborhood is drowning in leaves. This is the time of year when we notice the four different types of habits when it comes to leaf removal.

1. Let Someone Else Deal With It: These are the people who have enough money to hire area landscapers to come by and bag their leaves for them. I am not in this salary bracket.

2. The Leaf Relocators: These are the ones who move their leaf piles to an area of their property that isn't visible from the street, or from any windows looking out.

Greg Jannetta

3. The Grin And Bearers: These people wait for the last single solitary leaf to fall from the tree(s) on their property, grab a rake and trash bags, and spend two to three hours working on the task at hand. The "just get it over with" mentality.

4. Screw This! - These people are instantly defeated when they first see the aftermath of their fallen leaves, and let them sit, waiting for the winds to carry them away or the rain to turn them into soggy piles of mulch.

Greg Jannetta

So, there you have it. Which are you?