I love hunting season but at times I hate the weather that comes with prime hunting. The thrill of the hunt is worth it and the meat in the freezer is definitely worth it. If you are like me though, we did find some things that will make hunting season even better.

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  • 1

    A Warm Face Mask

    This warm face mask is even better because it has a draw string like a hoodie, it covers the nose and mouth and it rests around the neck. It is like a scarf, beanie and face guard all in one.

  • 2

    Hand Warmer

    This hand warmer is particularly cool because it doubles as a phone charger. It is electronic and it's called a hot pocket. It can get up to 120 degrees, comes with a flashlight and is completely silent and scent free.

  • 3

    Ground Blind

    The good thing about ground blinds is it can protect you from the wind. That helps prevent your scent from traveling while also keeping you warmer. It definitely is a comfortable option to sitting and waiting for big game.

  • 4

    Trail Cam

    Getting a trail cam will save you some time. You can set them up and find out if any game has been traveling in the area. Less time trying to find the game and a better chance at filling the freezer.

  • 5

    Emergency Kit

    This is something everyone who hunts or spends any extended amount of time outdoors needs. An emergency kit that has everything you could need to keep you warm or help you survive if something were to happen.

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