There was a time when I wouldn't order onion rings, and from what I've been told, taste buds change every seven years. I don't know if that's true, but whatever my wife says goes. 

Every time I go somewhere, I'm always looking to see if they have onion rings. My wife, who doesn't like onions, will suggest onion rings. June 22 is National Onion Ring Day, and with my love for onion rings, sharing the best onion rings in Boise was a good idea. 

What makes a good onion ring? 

Ultimately, the perfect onion ring may vary based on personal preference. You might like thinner, crispier rings, while others enjoy thicker, more substantial ones. 

When it comes to making a good onion ring, a couple of essential qualities exist. A crispy golden brown exterior has to be one of the most important qualities. You don't want a soft and soggy onion ring. Flavorful seasoning will enhance the taste of both the onion and the coating. A tender onion should be cooked to perfection, offering balance between tenderness and retaining some texture. 

Where do you get your favorite onion rings? 

What about dipping sauce? Do you use fry sauce for your onion rings? Ranch? Or Ketchup? I like to use ranch, but after discovering some tasty fry sauce that has some spice.  I haven't tried making homemade onion rings. seems like more work than it is worth, but I could be wrong. Have you tried? 

Check out these 5 spots that seem to be putting out some pretty darn good onion rings!

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