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I try really hard to shop locally, but sometimes Amazon is easier. I can get stuff I need without having to put on pants. I like to peruse the website often, it is kind of a bad habit of mine. I found 5 things that every person in Twin Falls needs to purchase on Amazon.

  • 1

    Shoe Snow Grips

    These are anti-slip spikes that you can take on and off your shoes easily. They just slip on like a rubber band and you are much less likely to slip and fall on the ice. Winter is coming. If you are talented like me you can still manage to fall wearing these, but much less often.

  • 2

    Heavy Duty High Strength Stakes

    These ones say they are for camping. That is a great way to utilize these. However, if you have been here any time at all you know the wind can get crazy. These stakes are great for bolting down pretty much anything. Trampolines, trash cans, lawn furniture. They make sure you keep them in your yard.
  • 3

    Outdoor Rain Proof Blanket

    Again, the weather can be pretty unpredictable. This is an outdoor rainproof and windproof blanket that doubles as a picnic blanket. It folds up nice so you can store it pretty much anywhere. I suggest keeping these in your vehicle and in your home. Just in case.
  • 4

    First Aid Kit

    These are just great to have in general. This one is more of a spoof. It has Evel Knievel on it, it is great for cuts and scrapes that are minor. You may also want a real first aid kit because with everything there is to do in the outdoors it always comes in handy.
  • 5

    Shoshone Falls Mug

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