Finally! Summer is here, and I can hardly wait to make like a fish and swim to my little heart's content. And since the Magic Valley is situated over a plethora of geothermal wells and springs,  hot springs resorts and pools are found in abundance along with a cold-water pool or two. Here are some of my favorite "swimming holes", and if there are some that are new to you, I'd encourage you to give them a try. They are all different and have their own unique aspects to offer.

Dierkes Lake

How would you like to take your whole family swimming every day all summer long for just 25 bucks? Or just for one day for 3 bucks? And that's not per person but per car, so unless you need more than one vehicle to haul your load of kids down to the lake, that's the top price. Sounds pretty good, right? Dierkes Lake has a swimming area defined by a floating boardwalk with a fenced off "kiddie pool" which was revamped with new sand this year, a diving board, a floating island, and a lifeguard on duty daily 11 AM-9 PM June through August. There are also restrooms with running water, a playground, and picnic tables. Summer fun for the whole family without breaking your budget!

  • Directions--Head East out of town on Falls Ave. for two miles past Eastland Dr. Turn left (north) onto Champlin Rd. and follow it into the canyon. Be sure take the right after the toll booth to get to the Lake instead of Shoshone Falls.

Miracle Hot Springs

If you're one who likes options, Miracle Hot Springs is the place for you! They have 2 large public pools, 15 private pools, and 4 VIP pools for large groups. The private and VIP pools are available for reservation. They don't use chemicals in any of their pools, but before you freak out about that being unsanitary, let me say that the public pools are drained, cleaned, and refilled every night and the private pools after each use. So they actually have the cleanest, most pure water around. They're open Monday-Saturday 8 AM-11 PM. Children under 4 are $1.00 (including a swim diaper), 4-13 are $4.00, Seniors are $7.00, and Adults are $9.00.

YMCA of Twin Falls/City Pool

If you haven't yet, you should check out Twin Falls' City Pool on a Saturday afternoon when it's being an iceberg! It's a huge, 14-foot blow-up iceberg-shaped climbing wall with a smooth side to slide down to the water. Why simply slide down a pool slide when you can make an ice-climbing adventure out of it? The winter bubble is off and summer hours are in effect, so hurry and enjoy the sunshine while you can. The pool is available for open swims Monday-Thursday 1-5 PM, 7-9 PM; Friday 11 AM-5 PM, 6-9 PM; Saturday 11 AM-7 PM; and Sunday 12-5 PM. The iceberg is out only on Saturdays. Kids 3 and under get in for $2.00, Kids 4-17 for $3.00, and Adults for $4.00.

1000 Springs Resort

If you ever hear the locals talk about Sligar's, this resort is what they mean. Even though the name changed a few years ago, the pool hasn't. They still have the log tied in the water that I remember clinging to for dear life when I was little and the high dive my husband had to work up the courage to jump off when he was a kid. Then there's the kiddie pool, the water slide, the basketball hoop, and the 17 indoor jacuzzi tubs. Good times for visitors new and old! Hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday 11 AM-8:30 PM and Sunday 12-8 PM. Kids 1-5 $3.00, 6-17 $6.00, Adults $7.00, and Seniors $3.00.


I have always been intrigued by the green water of Nat-Soo-Pah. As a child I looked forward to going to the green pool which was so different from Burley's bright blue pool. I had decided it must be green because the pool bottom is painted green, but I recently learned that the water itself actually is green. It comes from a layer of pyrite (better known as fool's gold) which the natural spring flows through before entering the resort. So not only does it look cool, but this "Magic Mineral Water" (which is what "Nat-Soo-Pah" means in Indian) is good for you, too. It can be enjoyed in the pool, the hot tub, or the hot soak pool. There is also a water slide, a high dive, a low dive, and a basketball hoop. Food is served inside and there's an arcade. Nat-Soo-Pah is open Monday-Friday 12-10 PM and Saturday-Sunday 10 AM-10 PM. Children 1-5 are $3.00 and Adults are $5.00.