Best of Twin Falls

Climbing Mount Borah
I love Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman but, I am a little upset that I have to actually do something with my life because of the "Bucket List".
Worst Traffic Lights In Twin Falls – Our Top Five
Twin Falls has its fair share of bad traffic lights, and heading into summer construction will only makes things worse. Based on your suggestions, we shared some of the worse stop lights around Twin Falls. See if your least favorite made his list...
Best Places To Go Sledding Around Twin Falls – Our Top 5
Looking to hit the slopes this winter? I don’t mean skiing and snowboarding, I’m talking about SLEDDING! TUBING! AWESOME! Actually, sledding was the only winter “sport” that I did as a kid and still do today. Why? Because I never learned how to snowboard, skis scare me, and i…

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