Why Do Labels Make Women So Happy?
I recently dragged my husband into a Chanel store while we were in California. To my surprise he had no idea how much Chanel bags, jackets, accessorizes, etc really were. If I had know this I wouldn't have taken him into the store in the first place! He laughed out load (embarrassingly) as he flippe…
Hiding Shopping Bags From Your Spouse [POLL]
OK ladies I am looking for some raw honesty here. I like to think that my husband and I have a very honest relationship, unless it comes to how much I paid for something. While I feel bad about hiding shopping bags, receipts and tags from my husband I really hate explaining why I paid what I paid fo…
Why Do You Think Women Talk More Than Men?
I am well aware that I talk way more than my husband but I had no idea I said 20,000 words a day . . . which is almost TRIPLE the number guys say, at about 7,000.  Women are known to be more outgoing and overall more chatty than men but scientists have figured out why.
New Trend Amongst Women
I recently moved and while moving I found a box full of High School memories that included some letters that made me laugh out loud for days.
Who’s Better At Parking, Men or Women? [POLL]
My husband and I seem to bicker about lots of small things while in the car together. We seem to argue about everything from snacks, the heater, music and one of the biggest things is where to park. Men are actually right about one thing. THEY REMEMBER WHERE TO PARK BETTER THAN WOMEN.

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