A Man Tries To Pay With a Million Dollar Bill at Walmart
This story is awesome!
According to Winston-Salem Journal on November 17th, 53-year-old Michael Fuller of Lexington, North Carolina went to Walmart and picked up about $476 worth of merchandise . . . including a vacuum cleaner and a microwave.
The Aliens Are Coming!
The aliens are throwing out their trash! Ok, so I don't know if that is true, but I love reading about weird stuff falling out of the sky. reports that a large metallic ball fell out of the sky on a remote grassland in Namibia, prompting baffled authorities to contact NASA and the Euro…
The Newest Genius Food Idea is . . . Gummy Bear Bratwurst
We have been to BBQ's and seen a food creation's that seems crazy...Chocolate-covered bacon, honey-glazed ham, McGriddles, Steak 'n Shake . . . and now this.  Which is definitely the STRANGEST combination of all.
NBC 11 - Minneapolis reported that in Hugo, Minnesota, Grundhofer&a…