This story is awesome!

According to Winston-Salem Journal on November 17th, 53-year-old Michael Fuller of Lexington, North Carolina went to Walmart and picked up about $476 worth of merchandise . . . including a vacuum cleaner and a microwave.

And when he got to the register, he tried to pay with . . . a million-dollar bill.

Yes, one of those novelty million-dollar bills that are usually oversized and have, like, the Statue of Liberty's face on them.  The clerk refused to take it . . . even though Michael  insisted it was real.

There's no word on whether he was planning to demand $999,524 in change.

Michael was finally busted last week for two felonies:  Attempting to obtain property by false pretense and using a forgery.  He'll be in court today.

Just so you know the largest bill ever printed in the U.S. was the $100,000 bill.  It featured Woodrow Wilson's face . . . they were only made from December of 1934 through January of 1935 . . . and the bills were never circulated to the general public. So, if you see one...remember, you can't take it to Walmart to buy a new vacuum.