July 4th Events in Twin Falls and the Magic Valley
Our great nation's 236th birthday is almost upon us. Twin Falls and the Magic Valley hosts some truly spectacular 4th of July events and fireworks displays. From Trailer Races of Destruction to Sagebrush Day Parades, here's what's going on this July 4th in the Magic Valley...
Flies Have Been Voted This Summer’s Most Annoying Insect
I hate to say it . . . but summer's almost over.  You know it's true when you start to see these stupid 'Summer Wrap-up' type stories.
Orkin just released the results of a survey from PR Newswire where they found the most annoying insects of the summer.  And, in a little…
Dogs are Democrats and Cats are Republicans?
It's obvious our pets don't have the capacity to be members of different political parties.  Unless there's a "licking your own genitals" party.  They ALL believe in that.
But an editorial on the website Politico decided to try to figure out what political p…
Five Extremely Useful Apps That Are Also Free
If you're still refusing to get a smart phone because you think you don't need it, check out this list from Reader's Digest of four extremely useful apps that are also free. Check out our top five favorites!
A Dad May Have Ruined His Son’s Chance at $50,000
The Huffington Post reported that last Thursday night, 11-year-old Nick Smith and his family were at a celebrity hockey game in Faribault, Minnesota.  And Nick won a raffle that gave him one hockey shot to win a HUGE prize.
If he could shoot a puck from center ice through a three-and-a-half inch cuto…
The Most Common First Childhood Memory

Think hard . . . what's your very first childhood memory?  If you're like one-third of people, your first memory is having a stranger brutally torture you for your own good . . . and your parents PAID for it.
In a new poll from Dentistry.co.uk of 1,671 people by the website MyMemory.com, 35% of peo…
How To Say “Cool” One Hundred Years Ago

For some reason, MSN decided to do an annoying slideshow of slang terms and where they came from.  But the best part is looking at the evolution of slang terms for the word "cool" over the past 100 years.
It's amazing how we still use a lot of these today . . . not.  (--See what I did the…

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