One Out of Every Eight People Has Completely Stopped Carrying Cash
It's entirely possible that kids born three or four years from now may never really know what CASH is.
According to the latest reports from Daily Mail, out of the U.K., one out of eight people has now completely stopped carrying any cash or coins.  They're going straight credit and deb…
Would You Rather Give Up Showering, Shoes . . . Or Your iPhone?
We love our smart phones and we hate the idea of being without them. In fact there has been a rush of studies lately showing how crazy we are for our smartphones.  And yet . . . the numbers from this latest one still seem ridiculous.
According to a new survey by TeleNav the GPS company TeleNav, here…
There’s Been a Huge Jump in Men Over 55 Getting Plastic Surgery
Sometimes I dream about what surgery I would have done if I could afford plastic surgery...I think most girls dream about this and apparently so do guys.
A study from EIN News found there's been a huge jump in the number of men over 55 getting plastic surgery, and the overwhelming majority of t…
The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Kids Meals at Fast-Food Restaurants

Last week, McDonald's announced that starting in September, they're making Happy Meals healthier by adding apples and serving half as many French fries.
According to the website TheDailyMeal.com, the healthiest option is to nix the fries completely and go with chicken nuggets, apples and apple juice…
Some Department Stores Just Broke Out Their Christmas Stuff
I am all for planning ahead and working ahead to make life easier but do you really start your Christmas shopping in the summer? If so, the department stores are ready for you.
If you're somehow not familiar with the "Christmas creep" phenomenon, it describes how stores are busting out thei…
Hot August Bite of the Magic Valley [Contest]
Twin Falls City Park, Wednesday August 3rd from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM  Aug 03, 2011

Sample some of the BEST Local Restaurants
Live & Silent Auction - Raffle for 3 great Prizes: Side By Side ATV from Action Cycles & Sleds - sponsored by Cooper Norman, Las Vegas Vacation for 2 - sponsored by First F…
You Glance at Your Smartphone 34 Times a Day for No Reason
I tend to look at my phone when I am nervous or bored but have you ever caught yourself pulling out your iPhone, or your Droid, or your BlackBerry and looking at the screen, even though it didn't vibrate or ring?
Yeah . . . everyone does it.
According  to CNN and a study in the journal "Personal…
Casey Anthony Reportedly Wants $1.5 Million for an Interview

We all know that Casey Anthony won't be able to get a job anywhere because, well...she killed her daughter. So she is trying to scrap up as much money for TV appearances as possible. And so far, no network has offered to pay it.
According to CBS News he wants $1.5 MILLION for her first TV appearance…
34 Pound Rainbow Trout Caught in Idaho
Idaho Department of Fish and Game officials say a 41-year-old Pocatello man has shattered a state record by catching a 34.74-pound rainbow trout.
Mark Adams, a Union Pacific Railroad locomotive engineer, caught the lunker in American Falls Reservoir Monday morning...

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