If you're still refusing to get a smart phone because you think you don't need it, check out this list from Reader's Digest of four extremely useful apps that are also free. Check out our top five favorites!

  • Sit or Squat - It tells you where the closest public restroom is, and ranks how clean they are by telling you whether to "sit" or "squat." It also lists features like changing tables and seat covers.  And you can see photos posted by people who've been there before. 'Sit or Squat' is available for iPhone and BlackBerry users.  Or you can access it on ANY cell phone by sending a text message.  But the text version is pretty lame.
  • FastCustomer - It lets you contact customer service at 2,600 different companies without waiting on hold.  You just choose a company from the list, and they automatically call when someone's available.  For the iPhone, and Android users.
  • Find My iPhone - This one only works with Apple products, but it's great:  It lets you install a program on your computer to track your iPhone using the GPS.  So if you lose it... or someone steals it... there's still hope. It also lets you remotely lock your phone, or even wipe the hard drive if you want to.
  • Dragon Go - It's a voice recognition program, and it's supposed to basically help you find ANYTHING.  You might have seen ads for the computer version on TV.  But there's a free version for iPhone users. All you do is say something like, "Best sushi in New York" or "latest movie with Will Ferrell," and it pops up results on the most relevant app, like Yelp or Fandango.
  • radioPup - Okay, so we're biased, but we think our app for iPhones and Android devices is pretty good. And it's free! As long as you have a wi-fi connection or 3G connection you can listen to 95.7 KEZJ wherever you are! Learn more by visiting our mobile section.

Is your favorite free app on the list? If not, let us know!