What Would You Do with $10,000?
That's a lot of money that I would like to have, especially since we're getting close to Christmas. Too bad for me, I'm not eligible for the $10,000 cash prize contest since I work here, but a man can dream.
Top Ten Things the Government Wasted Taxpayer Money On
Wondering what happens to your tax money?
So let's all ignore for a second the taxpayer money he spent paying his staff to put it together and focus on what's inside.  According to Townhall / Tom Coburn here are 10 of the worst things the government has blown money on in the past year.
1.)  Moroccan p…
The Postal Service is Raising Prices, Again
If you hate sending letters because it is expensive you are going to hate this information. The Postal Service announced that starting January 27th, the price of a first-class stamp will increase one cent to 46 cents. International mailings will also increase in price.
How Many School Fundraisers Have You Participated In? [POLL]
I think fundraisers can be very important and I love to participate, if at all possible, but fundraisers can get out of hand really quick. Before you know it you could have a closet full of candles, cups, popcorn, cookies, cookie dough etc. You almost have to be picky about which fundraisers to…
Do You Spend $875 a Year on Your Dog? [POLL]
The ASPCA and Yahoo calculated how much it costs to own a pet . . . and it's a LOT.  Here's how much it costs for different types of animals: 
For a SMALL DOG, you'll have to pay $1,314 the first year you own it . . . and $580 per year afterward.
Seven Big-Ticket Items You Can Get Good Deals on This Month
If you've got a little extra money this month, we've got a list of some things you might want to spend it on.  Here are seven big-ticket items you can get good deals on in September.
1.)  Mattresses.  Right now is when mattress stores start trying to get rid of old inventory.…
What Do You Hate Spend Money On? [POLL]
In a new poll about the things we hate spending money on, the number one answer was . . . our SIGNIFICANT OTHERS.  Apparently, people hate buying things for their spouses or boyfriends and girlfriends more than anything else.  Wedding costs came in second ...
Do You Want to Blow $16,000 on Toys? Just Have a Kid.
Remember when we were kids, how we used to be entertained by just an empty tin can, or a stick and a piece of string?  Waitaminute... That was my dad.  Now I simply lie to my kids about being entertained by those things so they'll stop begging me for video games.
You Can Actually Deposit One of Those Giant Checks?
I always assumed that when I won the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes, or maybe a celebrity golf tournament, and got my GIANT CHECK, I'd have to sit around and wait for the real, regular-sized check before I got the money.

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