Mom Makes the Day-to-Day Financial Decisions
A Canadian survey from Digital Journal by President's Choice Financial found that when it comes to finances, Mom calls the shots.
41% of people said that Mom was responsible for managing the day-to-day household expenses and bills.
Here’s How Much Your Body Parts are Worth on the Black Market
Have you ever heard someone say, "I'd give a kidney for that much money?"  Well, now we know just how much money that is.
Let me first say, that I'd never condone any of this.  Putting your life at risk for a buck is stupid.  Nonetheless, it makes for an int…
You Can Be Happy if you Make $50,000 a Year [poll]
This stuff always confuses me.  Not long ago, I read a study that said you need to make around $75,000 per year to make you happy.
According to a new study, the line between being happy and unhappy is a household income of $50,000.  People making more than that were more likely to say they're happy…
Four Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Return
Tax season is over, so it's time to start planning what you'll blow your refund check on.  According to a recent poll, most people are getting a refund this year but half of you are planning to use it to pay off bills.  I know, it's practical but it doesn't sound as f…
If You Could Be Famous For Anything What Would It Be? [POLL]
We all think about what it would be like to win the lottery, especially after the Mega Millions. But do you ever think about having a lot of money and being famous. Would you be famous for something brilliant like Steve Jobs or would be famous for your beauty like Cindy Crawford...
How Will You Spend Your Tax Refund? [POLL]
According to a poll from PR Newswire by a cell phone company called Cricket Wireless, most Americans are getting a tax refund this year,
The bad news is, most of are ALSO going to spend the money responsibly, instead of throwing it away on something fun.
55% of people say they'll focus on &qu…
Armored Truck Loses $5,700 in Cash on a Freeway
Frankly, it's amazing no one was hurt because of this.
According to the Washington Post on Friday morning, an armored truck was driving on Interstate 270 in Maryland.  When it was about 35 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. the latch on the backdoor popped open and $5,700 in cash flew int…
The Junk in Your House is Worth $5,600?
Time to start using Craigslist and Ebay it to sell all the junk around your house.  Because you're sitting on a gold mine.  Which you might even use to fund future casual encounters.
According to a new survey from This is Money out of England . . . but one we're pretty sure applie…

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