Worried About Money?
You worry about money, I worry about money.  And if you believe The Notorious B.I.G. in "Mo Money, Mo Problems", then people a lot richer than us worry about money too.
Here Are the Five Most Awkward Financial Moments
A survey from PR Newswire by asked people what they thought was the most awkward money-related moment.      
Surprisingly, only 17% of people said that splitting the dinner check among a large group of people was awkward.  Here are the five thin…
Do You Pay Your Kids To Help Out Around the House? [POLL]
According to a study in  Daily Mail by a company called Vileda that makes cleaning products, kids today have it easy.
The average kid does less than two hours of chores a week . . . even though their parents did more than FOUR when they were kids.
Who Goes Over Budget At the Grocery Store, Men or Women? [POLL]
Before I go shopping I usually have a rough idea of how much it is going to cost to purchase everything we need. Over the years I have become pretty good at staying on budget, UNLESS my husband decieds to go with me. Then the budget gets doubled because of all the inpulse shopping he does...
Americans Will Give $4.7 Billion Worth of Graduation Gifts
I guess we feel like giving someone $100 to Applebee's will soften the blow of $200,000 in student loan debt?
According to Time and the National Retail Federation, Americans will spend more than $4.7 BILLION on graduation gifts this month and next month.
Swift Gives $4M to Country Hall of Fame Expansion
According to Taylor Swift has taught a generation of kids to appreciate country music over the last five years. Now, she's donating $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to make sure that education continues. I am thinking she might be doing this because it has alway…
Mom Makes the Day-to-Day Financial Decisions
A Canadian survey from Digital Journal by President's Choice Financial found that when it comes to finances, Mom calls the shots.
41% of people said that Mom was responsible for managing the day-to-day household expenses and bills.
Here’s How Much Your Body Parts are Worth on the Black Market
Have you ever heard someone say, "I'd give a kidney for that much money?"  Well, now we know just how much money that is.
Let me first say, that I'd never condone any of this.  Putting your life at risk for a buck is stupid.  Nonetheless, it makes for an int…
You Can Be Happy if you Make $50,000 a Year [poll]
This stuff always confuses me.  Not long ago, I read a study that said you need to make around $75,000 per year to make you happy.
According to a new study, the line between being happy and unhappy is a household income of $50,000.  People making more than that were more likely to say they're happy…
Four Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Return
Tax season is over, so it's time to start planning what you'll blow your refund check on.  According to a recent poll, most people are getting a refund this year but half of you are planning to use it to pay off bills.  I know, it's practical but it doesn't sound as f…

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