Is It OK For Boys To Play With Dolls [SURVEY]
One of my friends has 5 daughters and 1 young son. And she is worried that her boy is going to end up being a big sissy because he likes to play with his sisters - which includes dolls. Is it OK for boys to play with dolls? Or will it make them girly...
Top Things We Fight About on Road Trips
While we may love our spouse and spending time with them it only takes one annoying song or one wrong turn to cause a fight that could last for hours.
According to Your Tango here are the top seven fights people have during road trips:
Getting Into a Weekly Fight is Good for Your Marriage
You know when you're having a fight with your husband or wife, and all of a sudden they bring up something you did like five weeks ago that's completely irrelevant to the fight at hand?  That's because they've been holding it in.  And that's not good.
Marine Wastes Kickboxer in Fistfight [Video]
When we first saw this video we thought "oh my..." Is this one of those underground fight clubs we keep hearing about? The video was poor quality. It looked dark, dank, and seedy, and the fight itself was brutally awesome.
Turns out it's a bit more than that.
Police Break Up a Fight…In a Church
On Sunday, police in Fletcher, North Carolina got a call.  Huge brawl.  It's getting bad.  So about 30 officers reported to the massive fight that was taking place at . . . A CHURCH.
You Don’t Need To Forgive Your Spouse

Next time your husband or wife does something that makes you furious, here's the best thing you can do for the marriage.  Confront them . . . scream at them . . . and then flat-out REJECT their apology and hold a permanent grudge.
According to a new study from the University of Tennessee, when you …