Do You Get Your Dog Food in the Drive-Thru?
I understand that our pets are our family. Our dogs are allowed in ours cars, in our homes, and on our coaches. Sometimes we treat our animals better than we treat other family members.
Will Eating Ice Really Kill My Dog [VIDEO]
The internet is an amazing source of information. The bad news is that all the information online is not true! I could easily write that I am the most handsome and richest man in the world - but that doesn't make it true...but maybe it is.
Mysterious Fish Eats An Entire Live Duck [VIDEO]
I am not going to say that there is a Loch Ness Monster or that I believe in Bigfoot - but sometimes it is hard to explain things that actually happen close to where you live. Like this video of a mysterious fish that eats an entire live duck!
The 10 Day-To-Day Things That Make People
Winning a ton of money and getting away with punching someone in the face are all great moments.  But those can't happen on a daily basis.  If ever.
A new survey in Daily Mail figured out the top 10 little, day-to-day things that make people happy.
Five Breakfasts You Should Never Eat Again
Eating a healthy breakfast can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, protect your heart, improve your attention span, and even increase your sex drive.
With that in mind, here's a list of five breakfasts you should never eat, according to
Foods You Hated As a Child That You Don’t Mind Now
My husband asked me to cook brussel sprouts for him the other night and he was shocked to find out that I wouldn't eat them bescause my mom made us eat them as a child and I hated them. It is kind of odd that I still hate brussel sprouts because most of the food I hated as a child I love now, l…
The Average Person Eats Take-Out 2,875 Times in Their Lifetime
I love swinging by a restaurant and grabbing food to eat at home. Apparently I'm not alone.
A new survey from Press Association out of England found that the average person eats take-out around 2,875 times in their life.  Based on the 62 years you're an adult between and 18 and 80, tha…

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