Terry’s Top 10 iPhone Apps
Apple's iPhone is a great smartphone, but it's the apps that make it truly amazing. It's true that you can find an app to make your iPhone do just about anything. So if you're playing with a shiny new iPhone, or an experienced user looking for something new, here are Terry's…
The iPhone Turns 5
Five years ago today Steve Jobs and Apple released a device called an 'iPhone' and it truly changed everything--Us included.
Can An Apple Heal It’s Own Bruise? [POLL]
Recently I colored my hair and it fried it. In order to fix my hair I went to the beauty supply shop and asked if they had any reconstructing shampoo and conditioner. They recommended a product that has a special kind of apple in it that can apparently heal itself when it becomes brui…
What Did You Do For Easter? I Dissected Two Laptops
It started Saturday while cleaning out the shed: I found my two old Apple iBooks, dead, but still resting comfortably in their cases. My 12" iBook suffered a motherboard failure five years earlier, and the iBook G4 14" lost its mind when the hard drive crashed. At the time it was too expen…
Apple Unveils the New iPad — What Will It Do?
While Wednesday’s roll-out of the new generation of Apple’s iPad didn’t have quite the fanfare of prior events helmed by the company’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs, that doesn’t mean people weren’t paying attention.
Here’s a quick rundown of the announcement.
Want To Make An App For The Apple App Store?
If this means anything to you:
NSArray *array =
initWithObjects:@"One", @"Two", @"Three", nil];
NSString *overview =
initWithFormat:@"%@", @"First three numbers"];
You're probably an Apple Developer looking at the code for 'Angry Birds'. If that looks l…
Generation Z Or The iGeneration?
It occurred to me tonight that my three year old son Jack will never know the world before Steve Jobs changed everything.
Jack knows how to make calls on my iPhone, play Angry Birds on his iPod touch, and can navigate his mom's iPad better than most adults I know. To him, everything is a touch screen…
Flipboard for iPhone: A Beautiful Magazine of Your Social Media
Last Christmas I gave my wife an iPad. Most apps at that time weren't universal, and there were a few on the iPad that I really wanted on my iPhone. The list wasn't that long: Pages, Garage Band, and Flipboard. Earlier this year Apple released both Pages and Garage Band for the iPhone, but…

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