Remember punishment in elementary school when you had to stand before the chalkboard and write a statement a set amount of times as punishment? Bart Simpson may be the only kid left in America still enduring this painful torture on a regular basis.

But a United Kingdom Judge has ordered Apple to do the modern equivalent after losing its lawsuit against Samsung.

It was the Samsung Galaxy Tab VS the Apple iPad. Apple was suing Samsung because they felt the Galaxy Tab was a line for line copy of the iPad. Judge Colin Birss disagreed with Apple. His reason? The Galaxy Tab simply wasn't "cool enough" to be a copy of the iPad.

So... take that Apple... I guess.

Now as restitution, Birss has ruled that Apple must publish on their official website and in various trades and magazines that "the Samsung Galaxy Tab did not copy the Apple iPad because it isn't cool enough."

It seems as though Judge Birss didn't think Samsung copied Apple, he did have strong feelings on which of the two tablets was cooler.

[via Gizmodo]