Kids are amazing. My 5 year old son Jack taught himself how to ride his bike without training wheels. And he didn't crash!

I had just taken the training wheels off Jack's bike because one had broken at the axle. For the past week or so my son had been happily riding his Razor scooter with his friends and had actually gotten pretty good at it.

Last night my wife and I were inside while Jack played with his friends out front. We heard a little knock at the door and a little blond girl peeked her head in through the screen door. "Jack is riding without training wheels," she said and ran off.

My wife Natalie poked her head outside then turned back to me and said, "your son is actually riding his bike without training wheels."

He is a pretty amazing kid and I am one proud dad. After he buzzed up and down the street a few times, he pulled up to my wife and I, smiled, and informed us that it was "his destiny to ride without training wheels."

How can you argue with that logic?