It's the 5th annual Jacktoberfest! Today my son Jack turns five years old! Time certainly flies, but I couldn't be more proud of my little boy.

Born October 1st, 2008, Jack was born a month and three days premature. His original due date was November 4th--my birthday--but he didn't quite make it. I remember when Jack arrived in the delivery room, he was taken away by the NICU nurses (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) because the doctor was concerned his lungs may not have been developed enough.

There was what seemed like a long wait before my wife and I finally heard Jack cry. I remember the nurse putting him in my arms for the first time and looking at this little, tiny person. I knew he was "Jack" at that very moment.

We passed him from my wife, to my mom who remarked, "he looks like one of those old cartoon turtles." And at that moment Jack was branded with the nickname "Turtle" for the first three years of his life.

After a week in and out of the NICU, being subjected to a Bilirubin Blanket for a month because of Jaundice (so he was a little glow worm!), and an apparent allergy to his baby formula so my wife and I had to switch him to a potato-based formula... Jack had a rough first six months. But he rebounded nicely.

He walked at 9 months. His first word was "dad." His second was "mom." His first complex word was "Iron Man." Trust me, that caused my wife and I to do a double-take.

He's allergic to everything under the sun just like his dad, but luckily didn't get asthma. He may be in the spectrum of Autism--like his sister Alexis--but we haven't had him formally tested yet.

He has an amazing vocabulary, is bullheaded, fearless, but tends to get get his feelings hurt easily. Of course I'm biased, but I think Jack is brilliant. And he's my best friend.

Happy 5th Birthday Jack!