I am sporting a huge patch of road rash on my left arm this morning, and it stings, but I'm wearing it like a badge of honor. I took my son Jack to Hop 2 It for the first time last night ad we had a blast. Hop 2 It is like heaven for kids. It's a huge play area filled with the coolest bounce houses and slides, and kids can just have fun.

At first Jack played cautiously, getting his sea legs under him as it were, and once he realized he could bounce off everything there was no stopping him. Two of his favorites were the bounce house at the front, and the huge slide at the back. While other kids his age had some problems climbing the bouncies, three year old Jack made short work of them.

The cool part? The parents of the child can play at Hop 2 It as well--for FREE! That's how I got the aforementioned road rash. It was a race. I won.

Parents: this is a great place to take your kids to play and run off some energy. Plus it's really inexpensive. There are no time limits at Hop 2 It.


  • Children under 1: Free
  • Children 1-23 months: $1.88
  • Children ages 2-3: $5.66
  • Children 4 and older: $6.60

2042 4th Avenue, Twin Falls

Phone: (208) 733-0409

Hours: Monday-Thursday 11am-8pm Friday-Saturday 10-9pm