We all have spent some long nights worrying about how we are going pay the next mortgage payment. And I am fully aware that I will probably never retire.

According to a new poll by "Newsweek" and the Daily Beast from ,The Daily Beast Americans are angry about EVERYTHING.  Especially money.  And we're losing sleep.

56% of Americans say they've lost sleep over their personal finance situation.

Overall, 52% are nervous about their personal finances . . . 48% are anxious . . . 44% are upset . . . and 30% are legitimately ANGRY.

70% of Americans think the government is not solving our economic problems, versus 18% who think they are.

81% think the economy is not delivering the jobs we need.

65% are angry at large corporations that are posting record profits right now.

89% are upset about gas prices.

No one has faith in PRESIDENT OBAMA and the Democrats, OR in the Republicans.  The majority say Obama has no plan to balance the budget and the Republicans are just putting blame on him rather than creating their own proposals.

Do you lose sleep over money?