Men Are Better at Sticking to After Christmas Budgets, Right? [poll]
I'm not sure how the money flows at your place but things are a little tight at my house, just after Christmas.
You have to bounce back from the overspending somehow, right?
I think that guys are better at sticking to the budget.  If I can't touch it, I simply don't touch it...
Here Are the Five Most Awkward Financial Moments
A survey from PR Newswire by asked people what they thought was the most awkward money-related moment.      
Surprisingly, only 17% of people said that splitting the dinner check among a large group of people was awkward.  Here are the five thin…
Losing Sleep Over Your Personal Finance Situation?
We all have spent some long nights worrying about how we are going pay the next mortgage payment. And I am fully aware that I will probably never retire.
According to a new poll by "Newsweek" and the Daily Beast from ,The Daily Beast Americans are angry about EVERYTHING.  Espec…