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Who Has the Best Fry Sauce around Twin Falls?
If you ask anyone outside of the Northwest about fry sauce, you'll get funny looks. In fact, you're hard pressed to find it outside of Idaho and Utah. In Idaho, it's a staple and we want to know who you think has the best fry sauce.
Would You Share a Dessert with a Co-worker Off the Same Plate? [POLL]
An associate of mine was in town yesterday so I met him for lunch.  When it came time to order dessert, I passed but he said that I “just had to try” the apple crisp with ice cream.  Again, I declined.  He went ahead and ordered and asked the waitress to bring two spoons.
Say what?  Sharing off of a …
I Can’t Eat That After You Had Your Hand on Your Butt
Chalk this up to one of my more awkward moments.
I was at a friend of a friends' enjoying our recent nice weather at a pre-spring BBQ. There was some good conversation and meeting some very nice people.  We were all seated outside where the host was cooking.
That's when... IT happened.
No sooner had ou…
Tricks to Eat Less on Super Bowl
You may be trying to eat healthy because you made a New Years resolution. Or you may just want to feel normal on the Monday following the Super Bowl. As Americans we always over eat on Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Super Bowl.
The 10 Best Places To Eat in Idaho
When I go out of town, eating at a new place is part of the fun. But you can't pick just any new place. You need a good recommendation. The Culture Trip came up with the best places to eat in Idaho and Twin Falls made the list.

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