Here's a study that backs up something we've all known since we were infants.  TEARS GET RESULTS.

 But as you get older, you have to be more strategic with your tears, or you'll see some serious diminishing results.

 This is all pretty logical.  A study in Canada found that people who rarely cry make a much bigger impact when they cry than people who cry all the time.

 They tested it out in the workplace and found that your co-workers will give you a pass on breaking down in tears . . . even if you're a dude . . . as long as you don't have the reputation for being a crier.

And . . . your tears will effectively get the message across that something is a BIG DEAL.

 The study also found that people who cry a lot are considered LESS GENUINE than people who rarely or never cry . . . the tears just look like a tool to try to manipulate people, and those people quickly catch on.

Via (AOL Jobs)