As a child I have very found memories of Amusement Parks. I remember being so excited to go to an amusement park that I couldn't sleep the night before. So as a parent I wanted to give my kids that same joy. So this weekend we packed up the stroller, cooler, back pack, swim gear, sunscreen, hats, etc. and headed to Utah.

As we rolled up to the amusement park my kids eyes lit up with every turn but I was disappointed to find that the magic I remember as a child was gone.

I have to say that even though the amusement park wasn't the same as when I was a child my kids had a BLAST! Until I put my 16 month old on the whale ride. He was happy the first time around and then the tears came. It was a terrible moment as a mother and everything inside of me wanted to scream, "Stop the ride". I was confused on why the attendant didn't stop the ride...couldn't he see that my baby boy was upset? Should I have begged them to stop the ride or is that unfair to the other kids who are enjoying the ride?