It is always fun to go see Santa but it can be intimidating and even scarey for a small child. This weekend my boys were waiting for their turn to see Santa. The little girl in front of us was dressed in a beautiful Christmas dress, but was screaming because she was so scared of Santa! The little girl screamed and cried until her face turned purple. It was sad.

Her mom really wanted a picture so the little girl was forced to sit on Santa's lap. By the end of the ordeal I think Santa was just as traumatized as the little girl. The little girls mom was laughing and me and another mom were holding our breath because we wanted to grab the terrified little girl and tell her it was going to be OK.

It was an awful thing to see, BUT I may be over-reacting. Every year we see pictures posted of children crying on Santa's lap. They live through it and some would argue it's part of Christmas tradition. I guess....if you haven't cried on Santa's lap you haven't lived. Right?