I like chobani yogurt. It tastes good, is all natural and the plant is in our backyard. Unbforunatly for Chobani, two months ago rumors surfaced about moldy yogurt cups from the Twin Falls plant. People continue to report illnesses to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

According to The Times-news, reports of illness have tainted Chobani Yogurt and have more than doubled over the past two weeks. The FDA received nearly 300 unconfirmed reports of illness since Sept. 10, when the initial report was at 89, said spokeswoman Shelly Burgess.

The company voluntarily recalled 35 varieties of its yogurt from stores nationwide nearly a month ago.

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Chobani in California earlier this month, alleging the company hadn’t “taken the proper precautions,” leading to retail profit loss and widespread illness, reported classactioncentral.com.