We know that being a working mother is stressful.  That's a scientific fact.  Juggling a career and a family is one of the hardest things anyone will EVER do.

But if you find yourself dreaming of leaving your job to give yourself the relief of just focusing on the family . . . bad news.  Stay-at-home moms are all just as stressed as you are.

According to a survey from New York Daily News by TheBump.com and Forbes Woman, 92% of working mothers say they're stressed and overwhelmed.  But . . . so are 89% of stay-at-home moms.

85% of stay-at-home moms say they don't get a break when their partner gets home from work and 50% say they NEVER get a break from parenting at all.

What do you think...is it more stressful to be a stay at home parent or a working parent?